Days of the week of Nov 14-18

Monday:  Day 5

Tuesday: Day 1

Wednesday: Day 2

Thursday:  Day 3

Friday:  Day 4

School News: 

Nov. 18: Spelling Test

Nov. 15: Division Retake Quiz

Nov. 23: Report Cards Distributed

Nov. 23-25: No school--Thanksgiving

What we are working on...

Lesson 5: Dividing Whole Numbers
Lesson 6: Add and Subtract Decimals

English Language Arts:
Unit 2: Observation
Weekly Question: How can careful observation help a person survive?

Unit 2 Lesson 2: Develop Elements of Informational Articles

Language and Conventions:
Unit 2 Lesson 2:
Perfect Tenses 

Introduction to Ecosystems and Parts of Ecosystems

Social Studies:


Unit 2 Week 2: Prefixes (in- , il-, im-, ir-)